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Dear Gateway Families,

I wanted to touch base with you and fill you in on some of the recent things we are doing here at Gateway Center to keep our residents and employees as safe and healthy as possible.

Every staff member is being screened at the beginning of their shift, before entering their work site. They are also required to wear masks. Our janitorial service is working extra hours, constantly cleaning and sanitizing our entire Congress Ave. facility. Our off-site residences are also being constantly cleaned and sanitized.We are monitoring the latest information available from the CDC and the Calif Assn of Health Facilities (CAHF),daily to ensure that we continue to follow the latest, “Best Practices”.

For Families who have a loved one in one of our residences:

We have strict protocols in place and are doing as much as possible to prevent the virus from entering into our residences. Only regular staff are being allowed into the units and there is no sharing staff between the two ICF’s as in normal times. The staff is doing their best to have consumers practice social distancing within the ICF’s (challenging at times). Frequent hand washing is being practiced by both staff and consumers.

Day program staff are going into each ICF every weekday (during Day Program hours) to provide Day Program activities. There is no mixing of consumers or staff between the two ICF’s. Consumers who want to do art or fitness are being taken by staff in small groups downstairs to the fitness or art rooms (switching off between the two ICF’s on alternating days).When the weather is good, they can go outside with staff into the courtyard or out front to sit in the gazebo.

The residents have been troopers throughout this stressful time and the staff have been doing an amazing job, keeping everyone as safe, active and occupied.

For families with Day Program Consumers at home:

I wish I could give you a definite date or even a good guesstimate of when we will be able to welcome you back to Gateway Center but unfortunately, that’s impossible at this time.

Lately, Day Program staff members have been reaching out by telephone and on-line check-ins to consumers who are staying with their families. We have also been dropping off art and craft supplies and ideas to the homes of those who want them.  We recently added Zoom fitness sessions and are adding other new activities wherever we can. If you have any suggestions about activity ideas or support we can provide (without staff actually coming into your home) please let us know.

We continue to ask for your patience during this trying time. Please be assured that we want all our Day Program consumers back as much as they want to be back!

Please stay safe and healthy until we can all be together again.


Robert Freiri,

Executive Director, Gateway Center of Monterey County

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